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-1625 East St Pittsfield MA 01201-


Welcome to the SEKB TRIBE!

Our Mission is to build Strong Bodies and Stronger Minds.

Our training staff, through immense passion and experience, has crafted, assembled and tested the best training tools to unleash your physical and mental potential, all while keeping you safe. 

With programs (both Online and at the SEKB HQ) focused on Strength & Conditioning, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA and Muay Thai Kickboxing we are...

Preparing You for a Darker Tomorrow

Group Classes at the SEKB HQ
Southeast Kettlebell


Strength & Conditioning

Strength, Mobility, Conditioning; this class has it all! 

As close to personal training as you can get in a group class. We cater the workout to fit the person, not the other way around...

You will learn PROPER FORM, how Rep/Set schemes work and get a personalized experience to fit your fitness and experience level!

The Kettlebell is our favorite tool for its incredible versatility, but we bring in all the best equipment to this class:

Barbell, Dumbbells, Combat Ropes, Air Bikes, Rowing Machines, Boxes, Med. Balls and much more.

With 30 amateur fights and multiple Golden Gloves victories, your hands are in the best hands.

A rigorous conditioning class incorporating mitt-work, heavy bags, footwork, live drilling, body weight exercises and Sparring (optional). 

We even have a competition fight team including the New England Heavyweight Golden Gloves Champion 2020!

Personal Training

The best way to reach your fitness goals!

Whether Online or right here at the SEKB HQ, you will work with one of our Expert Instructors on a fitness plan that fits YOU.

We will pair you with an instructor that can best help you achieve your Fitness, Boxing, Kickboxing, Yoga, Competition, Jiu Jitsu Goals!

Get Started Today!

1625 East St.

Pittsfield, MA 01201


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