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Joseph Jennings

“I want to live happily in a world I don’t understand” -Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Antifragile

Joseph Jennings is a Level II Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certified Instructor and a Functional Movement Systems Certified professional. For over a decade, Joe has been on a mission to perfect his kettlebell technique and develop a program to deliver functional and sustainable strength to his clients.  

He has competed in amateur Mixed Martial Arts competitions, grappling tournaments, obstacle course races, and various other endurance events/challenges.  While the kettlebell remains his primary fitness tool, Joe incorporates all effective tools to assist in his training and, consequently, the training of others, from basic calisthenics and straight bar lifts to the more obscure battle ropes and steel maces. Joe also assists in the boxing cardio training and develops programming for both group classes and private lessons.

While we cannot always prepare for the chaos of the world, Joe strives to make himself, and those he trains, immune to the unpredictable and confident through the unknown.


Kristie DiNicola

Kristie DiNicola is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer. Kristie has completed 5 marathons, several half marathons, 10K and 5K races, five 200 mile relay races and is a multiple year competitor in the annual Josh Billings Runaground triathlon, participating in all events in the race (running, biking and canoeing). 

Wanting to further develop her fitness career, Kristie began training in boxing, Hardstyle Kettlebell, obstacle course races and many comprehensive strength and endurance programs.  She received a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has competed in various grappling tournaments. 

With a strong desire and satisfaction in helping others achieve their own goals, Kristie provides personal training, women’s boxing instruction and strength/cardio endurance classes.


Edwin Castro 

Edwin Castro, our Muay Thai Instructor, has been part of the SEKB Tribe long before we had a physical gym, as a model for how to become the Instructor I aspire to be now.

Embarking on his martial arts career at 11 years old with Ninjitsu, Edwin made the transition to Muay Thai at 17 leading him to Jiu Jitsu and MMA shortly after and hasn't stopped training and teaching since. With various amateur competitions in all these disciplines, Edwin is true Martial Artist, expressed through his incredible Physical Ability and Mental Acuity.

Edwin is a also one of the most genuine, thoughtful and contagiously positive people I've ever met. People in his classes rise to levels they didn't believe possible, because he refuses to doubt their potential.

He believes Martial Arts training is for EVERYONE, regardless of age, experience or whatever baggage carried from your past. He is ready, willing and thrilled to form the Martial Artist he knows you can be, all you need to do is attend some of the best Muay Thai instruction I've been lucky enough to experience. 


John "the Doctor" Felix

A Tribe is only as good as it's Doctor.

Born in Brooklyn, NY, John "The Doctor" Felix moved to Berkshire County in the early 80's and has been a staple of the local (and not so local) Combat Sports Community ever since. 

Inspired by his amateur Boxer, 2nd degree black belt, and full contact fighter Father, John developed a passion for all things fighting early on, becoming a student of Shotokai Karate for 5 years, and eventually moving to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in which he received a Blue Belt from our own Eduardo Ferrugem.

Nicknames are earned, not given, and a lifetime of Coaching and Cornering fighters, as well as his EMT training makes him one of the best hand tapers and corner men in the state. 

Professional fighters  Vinnie Carita (Boxing), Christopher O'Brien (MMA) and Aaron Hushes (MMA) have all fought under the watchful eye of the Doctor (to name a few), as well as our own fight team including the New England Golden Gloves Heavyweight Champion, Quintin Sumpter.

The Doctor is a passionate student of the sport, constantly watching film and working with fighters and coaches to sharpen his already impressive lexicon of Combat knowledge. He is an asset to not only this gym, but in his lifelong pursuit of build a bigger name for Berkshire County in the Combat Sports world,


Courtney McLaughlin

Many of you already know Courtney from her athletic prowess in the Tribe HQ, as well as the motivational atmosphere she brings.  You may also know her from the auspicious High School athletic career, where she represented the PHS Generals during 4 years on both the Basketball and Soccer teams.  Her dedication to Berkshire County sports continued at MCLA with another 4 years of competitive Basketball experience ending with a run to the Semi-finals in her senior year.

After 3 years as Assistant Coach for the MCLA Women’s Basketball team, Courtney recently shifted to her current role as Assistant Coach for the MCLA Men’s team. Over a decade of passion, participation, and dedication to Berkshire County sports culminated into a 2022 induction to the Berkshire County Girls Basketball Hall of Fame in March of 2022; an immense and greatly deserved honor.

Courtney is now bringing this same passion and dedication to the SEKB Tribe. With over 12 years of Strength & Conditioning experience, a lifetime of sports training and coaching, and the esteemed Westside Barbell Personal Training and Athletic Coaching Certification, Courtney knows how to get the best out of her athletes and clients alike.

Her athletic accomplishments pale only in comparison to her strength and integrity as a human being.  Courtney is a natural leader, possessing both an undeniable toughness and an admirable compassion wielded gracefully towards her mission of empowering everyone at the Tribe HQ.  Becoming a Trainer at the Tribe was a formality; a correction to match the enthusiasm and expertise she already possessed.

Courtney specializes in small group and private instruction in Strength and Conditioning for Athletes and Functional Fitness Training for Beginners, using Kettlebell, Barbell and Bodyweight training as her main tools, among many others!


Sean Jennings

Sean Jennings has over 35 years of experience training and competing in a wide range of sports, starting with amateur boxing at age 12 and running his first marathon at age 15.  

His boxing career led him to gyms all over the Northeast, including Bridgeport, Catskills, Albany, Springfield, Hartford and Boston, propelling him to multiple victories in the Western New England Golden Gloves boxing competition (Novice and Open divisions).

Aside from boxing, Sean has competed and won many canoe triathlons, the Ironman, Overall Team and Two Person in the Josh Billings Runaground, the Vermont Earth Journey (where he finished 6th in the 3 day race that including 12 mi paddle/100 mile bike, 167 mile bike and a 50 mi run), and finished in the top 5 places in both mixed and singles National Marathon Canoe Championships. 

He started training with the kettlebell to improve strength and endurance for paddling in 2000, becoming an RKC in 2010 under Pavel Tsatsouline.  In recent years, he has found joy and pain taking on strenuous all day hike/runs in the White Mountains and mountaineering on Mt. Rainier.


Marco DiNicola

Marco DiNicola is a lifelong athlete, competing in Baseball since he could hold a bat. He is currently an RKC Kettlebell Instructor who specializes in Hardstyle Kettlebell training, but has proven himself as a powerful and well rounded Strength and Conditioning Coach, both with his Instruction and Physical Ability.

Marco is currently earning is BS in Health Sciences at MCLA where he specializes in Physical Therapy.

Currently working alongside other Physical Therapists with his clients, Marco has had tremendous success in populations with severe mobility restrictions, injuries and beginners who may be nervous about embarking on their first gym experience. 

He is kind, thoughtful, shows massive attention to detail and his strength and conditioning abilities speak for themselves. It's a rare trainer, rare person, who can perform the feats of strength that Marco can, while staying humble and able to create a safe, comfortable atmosphere for his clients and we are fortunate to have him as part of the Tribe. 


Rita Petko

Rita Petko is our Pilates instructor BUT that is only a sliver of the talent and knowledge that Rita brings to the Tribe.

Rita showed up to the gym as a participant and quickly stood out with her exceptional Kettlebell form; a skill I wish I could take credit for, but clearly she was no stranger to fitness. 

Rita began her impressive fitness career back in 1984. Since then she's worked for Fitness Icon Jack LaLanne in Southern California, received certification with Kenneth Cooper at the Cooper Institute of Aerobics in Dallas, TX and, after certifying with Joseph Pilates in 1998, she brought Pilates Instruction to gyms in Northampton, MA.

Recently Rita earned her Strongfirst Kettlebell Certification at 61 years old!

All this while raising 6 children! A feat that gives her both skin in the game and the care, strength and perception you can only sharpen by chasing around 6 little ones.

Rita is an asset to the Tribe and should be a beacon of knowledge and technique for anyone in the gym, including myself!


Sue Donnelly

Sue Donnelly is a lifelong fitness enthusiast and pillar of the local ski and snowboard community. Starting as a 10 year member of the National Ski Patrol as an Instructor Trainer and BLS CPR instructor, she then spent the next two decades as a Level 2 Certified Snowboard Instructor and Supervisor; training everyone from complete beginners to other skilled Instructors.

She has been a member of the SEKB Tribe from nearly the beginning, but was no stranger to strength and conditioning training. Coming to us with a solid base and understanding of human movement, paired with an acute attention to detail and a passion for learning, Sue, as a student, was quickly becoming a pillar of the tribe and a source of strength and inspiration to the other members.

It’s been a pleasure to watch her go from fitness enthusiast to Certified RKC Instructor; a challenge she achieved with flying colors and praise from some high ranking, internationally recognized, Kettlebell Trainers. 

Now as an official Trainer at SEKB, Sue will take that passion for health and fitness to anyone looking to move better, feel stronger and generally improve their lives, one kettlebell swing at a time! Whether diving into strength, conditioning and movement training for the first time, or looking for a new challenge in kettlebell training, Sue is a powerful Trainer to have at your side.

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